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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What should your website do for you?

Your website should:

Enhance your business or organization's online image
Provide a gateway to your products or services
Be a content rich, informative resource for your online visitors
Deliver targeted traffic to your products or services
Offer a secure eCommerce solution if you sell products or services
Be optimized for enhanced search engine performance
Be affordable and very low maintenance

1.Enhance your company's online image!

Your website is your online presence and needs to enhance your company’s image and products in a way that is both professional and useful to your prospective customers. The best way to attract targeted visitors and keep them interested is by providing informative content. Your website needs to stand out from the masses by offering information or solutions your competitors do not offer.

2.Your website is the Gateway to your products or services!

When a visitor comes to your site, chances are they are looking for information, a solution to a problem or for a specific product or service. Your website needs to have the content and solutions to answer their needs. Informative content attracts visitors and helps to promote repeat visits.

3.Your website needs targeted traffic!

Targeted traffic means visitors that are actively searching for solutions, answers, products, or services that your website has to offer.

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of website development

Visitors are not enough!- Search engine optimization and marketing ensures visitors that are actively searching for what you have.
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